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Swedish Laser Medical Society. The Laser Therapy - LLLT Internet Guide

World Association for Laser Therapy

The World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) was formed in May 1994 at Barcelona, Spain, when two international organizations, namely, International Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and International Society for Laser Application In Medicine (ISLAM), unified to pursue the common goals of promoting research, education and clinical application of laser photostimulation world-wide. About three hundred delegates attended the unification congress.

Australian Medical Laser Association

The Australian Medical Laser Association's primary responsibility is to promote and facilitate the advancement of laser medicine, photobiomodulation, and allied sciences in Australia. AMLA serves as a discussion forum, a lobby group, and an educational resource for its members.

North American Association for Light Therapy

The purpose of NAALT is to be a forum for Light Therapy users in the North American regions (Mexico, USA and Canada). It is our intention to improve understanding of the photobiological mechanisms, basic laser/light physics, treatment parameters, techniques, regulatory issues and reimbursement.

Find a Laser Therapist Global Directory

Find a Laser Therapist is a global directory for Laser Therapy practitioners. You can find a practitioner working with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) close to you by using the advanced search. Practitioners who include Laser Therapy in their practice are invited to register in the directory.

The Annals of Laser Therapy Research

The Annals of Laser Therapy Research provides expert analysis, commentary and discussion of the laser therapy literature.