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Lasers That Heal

Tired of constantly having to explain laser phototherapy? Here is good news for you!

Lasers that heal is a new booklet authored by Lars Hode. It contains 34 A4 pages and is intended to be an information source about laser phototherapy for patients, customers, sceptics and laymen in general.

The booklet contains three chapters:
1) For the patient in general, giving a brief explanation about what laser phototherapy is and is not.
2) For those who want to know more and
3) For the advanced reader, containing 80 scientific references.

Thus, it is possible even for the beginner to learn the essentials and, if interest grows, learn more later on. This booklet can be resold but is inexpensive enough to be used as promotion material.

About the author:

Lars Hode is a physicist, specialised in medical laser applications and working with laser therapy since 1985. He is the president and founder of the Swedish Laser-Medical Scoiety.