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Laser Phototherapy - Clinical Practice and Scientific Background

"The New Laser Therapy Handbook" was the best-selling book in this field but was sold out by New Year 2015. Now Prima Books is offering an updated version with 960 pages and 2500 scientific references. The soft cover approach is maintained to keep the price down.

The scientific documentation about the effects of Laser Phototherapy is rapidly increasing, with some 250 new scientific papers published annually on PubMed. There was therefore a need for an updated version of this popular book.

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"This handbook is always within arms-reach. As a physician who uses Laser Therapy and Phototherapy daily in clincal practice for over 10 years, I still find myself going back to this book again and again. In our office, we use laser therapy and phototherapy therapeutically for wound healing, facial rejuvenation, hair growth and more, so this book has been a fantastic resource for me. Indispensible for lectures, seminars, teaching and publishing--dose effects, calculations, protocol development, LLLT therory and mechanisms--you name it. If you are a laser therapy or photomedicine practitioner and you don't have this book, I'm afraid for you! From Arndt-Shultz / biphasic dose response to Hode's Hamburger... This is what they didn't teach you in medical school about photomedicine! I can't wait for the next edition." --Dr. B.

Review of the 2002 edition: Laser Therapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific Background

The body of knowledge regarding the properties and uses of laser devices continues to expand and improve our understanding of the mechanisms involved. Several recent developments have expanded and intensified interest in furthering clinical applications in dentistry, dermatology, wound healing and other disciplines. The recent FDA approval of a few low power devices for LLLT is beginning to intensify interest in the United States. Work in these areas has been ongoing elsewhere in the world for more than 30 years.

Tunér and Hode have provided the reader with an excellent text which presents current information on a diverse array of laser related topics with a sound description of laser physics, light profiling and dosimetry. This second edition volume is a major advance over the predecessor, published in 1999. The current offering has been upgraded to a full color publication. It is printed on high quality paper with crisp graphics and a tabbed reference section. Each chapter follows a logical progression and presents the relevant research for each topical area and displays this information in a different colored font. This later feature makes it quite simple for the reader to understand the scientific bases for the following discussion and to retrieve the relevant reference in the bibliography. The bibliography consists of more than 1400 references. Each reference is numbered as it is cited in the text and a separate alphabetic listing is also provided.

Crisp graphics and easily read descriptions make this book easily understood by both the novice and the expert. It is clear that Tunér and Hode have produced a classic which should be a “must have” for the personal and institutional library.

Raymond J. Lanzafame, MD, MBA, FACS Clinical Journal of Laser Medicine & Surgery

About the authors:

Jan Tunér is a dentist in private practice, graduating at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in 1968. He is the author of six books in English and an international educator in the field of laser phototherapy. Jan Tunér was the Membership secretary of the World Association for Laser Therapy 2000-2010, was the co-founder of The Swedish Laser-Medical Society in 1989, editor of the internet portal LaserWorld 1990-2008, present editor of the Laser Annals and a researcher in the field of lasers in periodontology.

Lars Hode is a physicist, specialising in optics. He started laser phototherapy research in 1987 and has published six books and many articles in English and lectured world-wide. He pioneered the knowledge about the medical importance of laser speckles 1991. Lars Hode is the founder and president of the Swedish Laser Medical Society, editor of the LaserWorld LLLT portal and a fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.